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Holiday Mini Sessions | Schmidt’s Tree Farm

Holiday Mini Sessions are SO much fun. It’s perfect for clients, especially with kiddos and this year’s case puppies(!). The sessions are quick (thus the mini part) and everything is setup ready to go. For me it allows my creativity to run a little wild with all the props and fun holiday accents. We had several different setups which folks could either choose from or experience them all! Most opted for all, well because why not?! In addition, we had various props such as snow, Santa hat’s and hot cocoa with candy canes none the less.

This year, we decided on Schmidt’s Tree Farm in Landenberg, PA to host the mini sessions. The timing was perfect as it was right before the farm opened for business so we had the lot to ourselves! If you’ve never been to a tree farm I highly recommend it for your next Christmas tree venture. Something about walking through the rows and picking out your green needled beaut starts the season on a high. Matt and I have made it a tradition ever since we moved in together and it’s a special time I look forward to every year. I think I just love that we’re creating our own traditions as a new family – xoxo.

All in all the mini sessions were a success! Here are a few highlights of our favorites.

Happy Holidays!

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