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Megan + Justin | Thousand Acre Farm

Thousand Acre Farm is an unknown gem in Delaware along the water. Megan and Justin, who are from TEXAS, stumbled upon this beauty for their 2019 nuptials. I was able to take a quick peek on the inside and oh man is it cool. Multiple levels and several balconies overlooking the water. The inside is rustic and inviting, perfect for an intimate wedding.

Megan and Justin flew in for the week to tackle some wedding planning, along with visiting family and of course…meeting yours truly for engagement photos! If the engagement session is any indication of their wedding, I cannot wait until next June. Megan has the most beautiful strawberry blonde hair and and infectious laugh. Justin was so laid back and sweet with Megan, their affection for each other was definitely undeniable.

One of my favorite parts of their story was around their engagement. Justin had joked to Megan that when the Eagles win the Super Bowl and get that ring, so will she. Well…guess who won the Super Bowl this year?! I think Justin might be the biggest winner however, he has Megan 🙂

Can’t wait for their June 2019 wedding!


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