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Sean + Kaitlyn | Race St. Pier Proposal

There are certain moments in a person’s life that are never forgotten. Perhaps a first date that went horribly sideways at a comical pace, graduating from college and the excitement of becoming a true “adult”, quickly realizing that becoming an “adult” has it’s drawbacks, and your team winning the Super Bowl for the first (or 6th) time…GO PATS!.

Jokes (not the Pats part) aside, I can imagine having a child would make the list. Buying your first home and welcoming a furbaby…or two! Undoubtedly marrying your true love might just be number one. But there’s an important moment before the “I Do’s” that holds a sweet spot – the moment you realize your best friend, your partner in crime, the love of your life asks, “Will you marry me?”

Shock. Awe. Excitement. Love. Tears. Joy. All the emotions flooding at once, your eyes go a little hazy, your ears feel muffled and all you can see is your significant other staring at you with love (and a little bit of nervous terror, then relief). I don’t care how calm you think you might act, when it’s actually happening all composure flies right out the window – believe me, I know!

That’s how it should be though, right?! Pure love. Pure excitement. Knowing without a doubt that you’re making this next step together.

Sean’s proposal to Kaitlyn was so incredible to witness. I had chatted with Sean a couple weeks prior to determine the location, time and plan of action. All fingers were crossed that the weather would cooperate!

On the day of the proposal we arrived early to scout out the lighting and to persuade any bystanders that proposal photos were best without them 🙂 Unfortunately, the chilly weather and impending rain didn’t seem to deter tourists, Instagram photo ops and neighborhood strollers. I kept watching the clock as the minutes ticked on, the crowd seemed to become more congested and I was constantly changing my angle in attempt to avoid the hoards.

Suddenly, a couple minutes before Sean and Kaitlyn were to arrive, something amazing happened. The crowds parted and I mean every single last person on Race Pier left. We had the entire space to ourselves. A minute later we spotted Sean with relief and ducked into hiding. It was as if it was meant to be, like the universe was coming together and rooting for Sean.

With cameras ready, we watched as Sean led Kaitlyn to the proposal spot. With a swift pivot and a blink of an eye, Sean was down on one knee asking Kaitlyn to marry him. She was completely surprised and caught off guard, exactly how it should be. Kaitlyn’s reaction was pure and honest, even writing this now remembering that moment sends chills throughout my body.

Words can’t quite express how sweet this moment was for Sean and Kaitlyn. As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and in this case probably more. I hope these photos are a reminder of the power love has and that they can one day pass on to their children, and their grandchildren.

I’m taking a swing, but I’m guessing this is a moment they will never forget!

Cheers to the newly engaged, Sean and Kaitlyn!


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