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Delaware County | The Sheehy Family

I used to work with Lauren Sheehy back in my corporate days…ok it was only two months ago, but still! She was one of the good ones. Work wasn’t always sunshine and lollipops, but Lauren had a good attitude about it so made it (almost) enjoyable. Plus, she was on my level of lighthearted sarcasm and humor, key to anything in my opinion 🙂

It wasn’t until after I had announced my resignation and reason for leaving that I learned of Lauren’s own creative outlet. She has her own Etsy shop, Designs Made Simple, designing custom prints for all occasions. I knew I liked her! Lauren is so talented and I love that she has the ambition to have her own business. It’s just awesome.

So having worked with Lauren, I knew her family would be just as fun. Sunday confirmed it, our session was more like a playdate than a session – how it should be! Both Lauren and her husband, Chris, are so laid back and their kids are a riot. Gabby, the oldest, immediately started flashing her million dollar smile and striking poses. Emi, their two year old, took a little time to warm up, but Lauren said to give it a few minutes and the switch would flip. Boy was she right! The two kiddos, to no surprise, had such great energy and personalities. The apple sure doesn’t fall far from the tree.

As promised from my Memorial Day Weekend recap post, here are a few highlights from the Sheehy family session.

Happy Friday! xoxo


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