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Lewes Beach | The Toner Family

This past weekend, Matt and I had the opportunity to shoot a family session in Lewes. What a hidden Delaware gem! …or maybe not so hidden. My not-so-informed perception was completely blown out of the water. So much in fact that I informed Matt we should get a beach house there and pronto. Lewes is a little further north than a lot of the popular beach towns packed with summer beach goers. The center of town is absolutely adorable with a handful of new restaurants and funky boutiques. BONUS our clients introduced us to perhaps the best soft serve twisty cone with rainbow sprinkles, 2 Dips Ice Cream. Of course they have about 40 other scooped flavors, but I can’t resist a good soft serve. Even better, 2 Dips has a food truck that can be rented out for a birthday party or late night snack at a wedding!

Back to our cute family…the three kiddos were such great sports and to boot we had a gorgeous morning for our session. Here are a few highlights!

Kids are always ALWAYS up for a jumping contest. I think Will has his sisters beat!

This little one was a riot, her energy certainly shined through! I love capturing a photo and you can just feel their personality.Midway through the session we spotted dolphins playing in the water!

Already looking forward to going back to Lewes this year, perhaps in the off season when we can bring the pups to the beach.

Happy Thursday!



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