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Acadia National Park | Maine 2017

What is it about Maine that makes me instantly smile and breathe a sigh of total happiness? I don’t even have to be in the state and I seem to have the same reaction again and again. To whittle down what seems like an endless list of reasons, a few top hitters are family, adventure and the air. Yes, the air. It’s crisp and cool, with a mix of evergreen and salt air. If you ever drive into Maine, start rolling down that window and sticking your head out around the state line. Or, if you must fly, savor that first breath. Just nothing like it in my opinion.

Back when Matt and I were first engaged, one of our best wedding decisions (maybe ever) was to be married in Maine. The fact that I always wanted to get married there growing up could have been a small influence. However, Matt was all too happy to oblige. Even better, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. It gives us a reason to go back every year for our anniversary, discover new towns, disconnect from the everyday hustle, relive some old memories and build new ones.

Disconnecting really wasn’t an option as the area we stayed in on Acadia didn’t have service, or wifi for that matter. It let us recharge our batteries and focus on the present moment. Something so simple, but often so hard to do.

We did a ton of hiking around Acadia with the pups. Gus and Ellie were old pros navigating the trails. Gus a tiny tyke and Ellie only 6 months at the time! For our adventures we often take our GoPro, in addition to our cameras. Matt has been a champ about putting together little recap videos which is so cool to relive and share. Check it out here!

Below are a few images from our trip north.

Happy Friday, friends!


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