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The Joyful 52 Project | Week 4

Everyone has their own indulgences. Their sweet joys of sinful goodness that makes them weak at the knees and throw all caution to the wind. It gives a small tug on the heart in a way that ‘no’ just isn’t a consideration, in any circumstance.  Yes, I’m talking food. What else?!

For me it’s that gooey cinnamon sugar spiral doused in icing, commonly known as a cinnamon roll (queue the choir). Since I don’t have a taste for chocolate (I knoowwww I know) or ice cream or really any other sweets for that matter, I think I make it up in cinnamon rolls. It’s pretty bad. For as much as I love these delights, I try not to make them very often. Buying them at a shop, especially when there is coffee involved, is another story…

Pioneer Woman has by far my favorite cinnamon roll recipe. Her frosting is maple flavored with a little brewed coffee. Holy smokes people it’s amazing. I like her recipe because the dough isn’t super thick, I believe in an equal frosting to filling to roll ratio. I love being in the kitchen and creating something delicious. For me it’s relaxing and therapeutic. Often my mind is filled with no less than a 100 thoughts bouncing around. I just can’t help it! But when I’m in the kitchen, have a little music going, maybe some coffee or a little wine…my mind settles. Some have naps, I get in the kitchen.

Now with all this mind settling stuff happening I still can’t bother with following directions. Which for baking, winging it isn’t the greatest approach. I force myself to re-read the recipe probably a solid 10 times.

After whipping these off yesterday, I was more than eager for breakfast this morning! Don’t get me wrong, there was “taste testing” yesterday. Nothing like fresh from the oven! These little babies were paired to perfection with hot espresso and some clementines.

The smell! The smeeelllll. Yum!

Just a little excited 🙂


Happy Friday, friends!


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