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The Joyful 52 Project | Week 5

This week has been rough.  No, not because of late nights, cold weather or unruly pups … but Sunday is the Super Bowl and we ARE NOT cheering for the same team.  Matt is a diehard Philly fan and Court (a tried and true Mainer) adores the Patriots. The real struggle is to figuring out which puppy is cheering for which team. We’re pretty confident Gus is a Philly fan at heart.

He looks a little bashful about his decision, but it’s ok…we’re a mixed family 🙂

Ellie pretended to sleep on it, but we all know where her heart lies being from Massachusetts and all (Go PATS!)…

Next week will definitely be better … at least for one of us!


We all know the Eagles flew to victory for the Super Bowl, for the FIRST TIME! Fly Eagles Fly! I’m 98% happy for my boys (honest!) and their amazing win against the Patriots. If another team had to win I’m happy it was the Eagles. Gus still can’t look me in the eye about it, but it’s only because he loves me. Or that’s what I at least keep telling myself.

The real good news is, the Patriots already have 5 Super Bowl wins under their belt. Just kidding! The actual real good news is win or lose we support each other…even in the Super Bowl! If that’s not true love, I’m not sure what is 🙂


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