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Concklin Family Newborn

Harper Marie Concklin arrived just after the new year on January 3, 2021! Eager to join her older brother, Hudson, (and thanks to Covid) they were able to quickly leave the hospital after a short and smooth delivery.  The family of four spent the next several days settling in at home and completely forgetting what life was ever like before Harper.

Within Harper’s first week, I was able to meet this little peanut and capture a few newborn photos. I may be biased because she is my niece, but Harper is such a sweet bundle of joy. So calm and relaxed, she was wide awake for part of her session, just like her brother’s newborn! Definitely siblings 🙂 Even their pup, Oakley, seemed to be more relaxed in her presence.

2021 is already off to a wonderful start and looking brighter than 2020! Here are just a few favorite picks from Harper’s newborn.



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