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Mabey Family Newborn

2021 was off to a great start for the Mabey family. In January, they welcomed a new baby boy, Fox. Emma, the newly appointment older sister was just beyond excited! It is the cutest thing to watch an older sibling not only take interest in a new family member, but actively want to help mom and dad. Emma was so eager to hold Fox, to snuggle next to him and give him kisses. That girl was working the camera! I just couldn’t get enough of their sweet family dynamic.

Usually with in-home newborn sessions where there is already an older sibling, I try to direct as little as possible and let the happy chaos unfold. This is perhaps one of my favorite in-home family sessions. Krystal has such a great eye and chose the perfect coordinating blue outfits, well for some, Fox rocked the diaper only look ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m in love with Krystal’s floral dress. Absolutely no one would have known she gave birth recently! That momma is just stunning. I’ve known her for many years and there’s nothing like seeing a friend experience pure joy and happiness in growing their family.

That all being said, one of my least favorite things of being a photographer is picking a favorite photo. Why choose one when you can have a lot?! So, here’s a handful instead ๐Ÿ™‚



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